First National Bank Graduate Trainee Programme 2024 for Young Graduates

Application Deadline: August 24, 2024.

Applications for the 2024 FNB Graduate Programme are currently available.

The FNB Graduate Team is searching for unconventional thinkers and imaginative, self-starting contributors who can get the work done quickly, surpass client expectations, and fulfil our promise of genuine assistance.

If this sounds like you and you are in your final year of university, particularly in the BSc and Commerce faculties, with a focus on Quantitative Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Information and Computing Sciences, apply to the FNB Graduate Programme by submitting your CV and most recent academic transcript.

All of the graduate program posts are permanent.

Graduates work full-time in specialized business units, attending monthly training sessions and an action learning project.


  • Strong academic results (NB: academic transcript is required as part of the application)
  • Currently in my final year of important university programs, mainly in the BSc and Commerce faculties, with an emphasis on the following programs: Actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics, information systems, computer science, chemistry, data science, user experience (UX), or a related subject.
  • An analytical and mathematical mentality with good problem-solving abilities is necessary.

The duties you have would include:

  • Delivering great service by actively listening to customers’ demands and developing new solutions that are suited to their specific needs.
  • Contributing to your team’s performance by executing duties effectively, methodically planning, maintaining correct records, and timely updating of pertinent information.
  • Participating actively in the organization’s innovation processes, such as brainstorming meetings, generating new ideas, and working with colleagues to generate innovative solutions that support corporate goals.
  • Participating in knowledge-sharing efforts, contributing to projects, and taking full use of training opportunities can help you develop your skills and stay current with industry trends.
  • Taking responsibility for your personal and professional development by completing training assignments, attending appropriate workshops and seminars, and always searching for chances to build capabilities that complement the company’s values and help you reach your best potential.

How to Apply

Visit the official FNB page and click on the apply button found on the page to submit your application.

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