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The Slovak Republic’s government approved the establishment of the National Scholarship Programme (NSP) in 2005, which was a significant step toward boosting educational and cultural interchange. The NSP’s principal goal is to enable the movement of students, PhD students, university professors, researchers, and artists, thereby encouraging cross-border collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The Slovak Republic National Scholarship Programme (NSP) demonstrates the government’s commitment to promoting international collaboration and improving educational possibilities for people from various backgrounds. The NSP is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport from the Slovak Republic’s state budget and plays an important role in encouraging academic excellence, cultural diversity, and mutual understanding.

The NSP allows participants to engage in academic exchanges, research collaborations, and artistic activities in Slovakia. This not only improves their academic and professional experiences, but also helps to build global networks and connections.

Government Of Slovak Masters Scholarship Breakdown

Application DeadlineApril 30, 2024
Country to studySlovakia (Slovak Republic)
TypeGraduate Programme
SponsorSlovak Government Scholarships
GenderMen and Women

Benefits of the Slovak Republic National Scholarships Programme for Foreign Students

Travel Grant

The travel allowance provided by the Slovak Republic National Scholarship Programme (NSP) is calculated based on the direct line distance between the applicant’s permanent place of residence or home institution and the location of their stay in Slovakia, which is usually the address of the host institution.

  • Distances up to 200 km are free of charge.
  • Distances over 300 km are 50 €,
  • Distances over 500 km are 100 €,
  • Distances over 1,000 km are 250 €,
  • Distances over 3,000 km are 500 €,
  • Distances over 5,000 km are 750 €, and
  • Distances over 7,000 km are 1,100 €.

Requirements for the Government of Slovakia Masters Scholarship.

Eligible applicants for scholarships under the Slovak Republic National Scholarship (NSP) are:

A) Students:

  • You must be a university student outside Slovakia?
  • Sudents of the second level of higher education (master’s students), or are students who, at the time of the application deadline, have previously completed at least 2.5 years of university studies in the same/similar study program;
  • Will be on a study stay in Slovakia throughout their higher education outside of Slovakia and will be accepted by a public, private, or state higher education institution in Slovakia for an academic mobility to study in Slovakia.

All 3 prerequisites must be met. This category does not apply to doctoral (PhD) studies (or their equivalent).

  • Scholarship stay (students): 1 – 2 complete semesters (4 – 5 or 9 – 10 months) or 1 – 3 full trimesters, if the academic year is broken into trimesters (3 – 4 or 6 – 7 months).

B) PhD students

PhD Students who received their higher education or scientific training outside of Slovakia and who have been accepted by a public, private, or state higher education institution or a research institution in Slovakia that is eligible to carry out a doctoral study programme[2] (e.g., the Slovak Academy of Sciences) for an academic mobility[1] to study/conduct research/artistic stay in Slovakia.

  • The duration of a scholarship stay (for PhD students) is one to ten months.

C) lecturers, researchers, or artists

The Slovak Republic National Scholarship Programme (NSP) supports not only students and PhD scholars, but also international university instructors, researchers, and artists who have been invited to Slovakia for teaching, research, or creative purposes. This invitation is often issued by institutes with a valid certificate of eligibility to perform research and development, provided that they are not business companies with headquarters in Slovakia.

  • A scholarship stay (for university lecturers, researchers, or artists) can last between one and ten months.

[1] Section 58a of the Higher Education Institutions Act No. 131/2002 as modified.

[2] External education institution as defined in Act No. 131/2002 on Higher Education Institutions, as amended.

[3] Legal entity according to the section 7 letters a) – d) of the Act No. 172/2005 on the organization of state research and development funding, as amended, which has a valid certificate of eligibility to carry out research and development according to the section 26a article 11 or article 12 of the same Act – i.e. public, private or state universities, research institutions eligible to carry out a doctoral (PhD) study programme (i.e. external education institutions), Slov

Note: If the study/research/artistic visit must last at least one month, the stay must be for one full calendar month (for example, March 5 – April 4). The same is true for calculating the duration of the stay when evaluating the fulfillment of the criterion for the minimum length of stay in other circumstances, if this length is set in months (for example, February 5 – June 4 for a 4-month stay).

Citizens from any nation (except Slovakia) can apply for a scholarship stay in Slovakia through the NSP.

Selection Process


30 April at 16:00 CET. [6] – scholarship stays for the next school year.
31 October at 16:00 CET.[6] – the scholarship stays during the current summer session.

On the day of the application deadline, the administrator will review whether the applications fit the programme’s official requirements. The administrator may refuse applications for formal grounds.

  • if they are in disagreement with the terms of the program (in particular regarding the eligibility of applicants or scholarship holders, or in the absence of an appropriate category of assistance),
  • If the application or its annexes fail to meet the formal requirements,
  • If the information supplied in the application and its annexes contradicts each other, or
  • If the administrator discovers during the reviewing process that the applicant’s assertions certifying that the material is complete, true, and correct are false, or
  • If the administrator discovers during the reviewing process that the applicant’s claims verifying that the material is complete, truthful, and correct are incorrect, or

Application Documents

  • Required documents: curriculum vitae, motivation letter, and detailed study plan.
  • Two reference letters provided by the applicant’s university instructors
  • Applicants must provide confirmation from their home higher education institution that they are regular students at the time of application. This includes a bachelor’s diploma, diploma supplement, and state examination certificate if applicable.
  • Admission/invitation letter sent by the applicant’s host.

Application Deadline

30 April, 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Slovak Government Scholarships on to apply

Scholarship applications are submitted online at application system is opened at least 6 weeks prior to the application deadline. Applications can be filled once in case that the online application system has already been opened.

Note: Applicants are recommended not to submit their applications at the last moment. Number of operations executed within the last minutes prior to the application deadline may influence the reaction time of the application system. Please, keep that in mind, in order not to miss the application deadline. In such case, the Programme Administrator does not take any responsibility if the applicant does not submit his/her application.

For more details, visit NSP website

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