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The University of York Scholarship program: The University of York is pleased to announce that five scholarships are available to overseas students applying to a variety of postgraduate courses. This announcement is made possible in partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign.

The British Council and 72 UK colleges collaborated to create the GREAT Scholarship 2024 program, which includes these scholarships. Their intention is to enable postgraduate students to pursue top-notch education in the UK from Bangladesh, China, Nigeria, Ghana, Greece, Kenya, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and Indonesia.This engagement demonstrates a dedication to granting access to top-notch educational opportunities and promoting cross-border cooperation in higher education.

The University of York Scholarship advantages

The University of York Scholarship provides several benefits to eligible students which include the following:

Financial Assistance: A minimum financial aid package of £10 000 is offered by the scholarship. By considerably lowering the cost of tuition for students pursuing one-year postgraduate study in the UK, this funding increases accessibility to and affordability of education. 

High-quality Education: Scholarship recipients have access to the esteemed academic offerings of the University of York. Students can interact with knowledgeable instructors, innovative research, and modern facilities, all of which contribute to a top-notch educational experience. 

Career Advancement: Students who complete a postgraduate program at the University of York stand to gain interesting job options worldwide and improve their chances of advancing in their careers. They are equipped for success in their chosen fields by the demanding academic preparation and real-world experience they receive while studying.

Networking Opportunities: Students gain from networking with professionals in the field, former students, and other scholars. These relationships may result in beneficial joint ventures, internships, and career mentoring, providing a solid groundwork for subsequent career advancement.

Personal Development: The scholarship encourages comprehensive personal development in addition to scholarly pursuits. Access to extracurricular activities, cultural events, and support services enhances students’ university experience and promotes their general wellbeing.

Global Exposure: Students enrolled at the University of York under the GREAT Scholarship are exposed to a multicultural and multiracial classroom setting. Through interactions with peers from many backgrounds, they are able to expand their global perspectives and stimulate cultural interchange.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Candidates have to be citizens of Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, China, or Turkey. 
  • Applicants must pay fees at the foreign fee rate. The completion of any fee assessments is required by May 20, 2024. 
  • On or before May 20, 2024, candidates must obtain an unconditional or conditional offer to enroll in a postgraduate taught one-year course at the University of York. 
  • On or before May 20, 2024, you must have fulfilled any language requirements outlined in your offer. 

It should be noted that submission of an application does not obligate acceptance of the offer.

How to Apply for the University of York Scholarship

Proceed to to submit your application if you feel that you are qualified for the University of York GREAT Scholarship and are both interested. The application procedure can be finished easily with this platform. 

Kindly visit the University of York’s official website for further information and comprehensive guidelines about the scholarship. It contains all the information you need to submit a successful application, including complete facts on the scholarship program, eligibility requirements, application deadlines, necessary paperwork, and any other information.

Take advantage of this fantastic chance to study postgraduate research at the University of York with funding provided by the GREAT Scholarship. Start your road towards a top-notch education and promising professional opportunities by taking the initiative today.

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