A Call for Application: 2024 Colombia Foreign Scholarship

The colombia foreign scholarship programme is intended for international students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in Colombia or improve their Spanish language abilities for academic reasons. The academic course catalog, program application guidelines in Spanish and English, and call infographics in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese are all available at the bottom of this website page, 

ICETEX, a Colombian state entity dedicated to higher education, offers financial assistance to foreign nationals through the Reciprocity for Foreigners Strategy and the Beca Colombia program. Individuals with modest financial resources but good academic performance are eligible for educational credits and international cooperation scholarships from ICETEX. Reciprocity scholarships accept two sorts of applications:

  • Foreigners who seek to pursue postgraduate studies in specialty, master’s, and doctoral degrees at public and private Colombian higher education institutions in accordance with the “2024-2 ACADEMIC OFFER CATALOG”, which is published alongside the open call.
  • Foreigners from non-Spanish-speaking countries who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in specialization, master’s, and doctorate degrees in public and private Colombian higher education institutions and who need to improve their Spanish language skills in order to study in Colombia in accordance with the “2024-2 ACADEMIC OFFER CATALOG 2024-2,” which is published alongside the call.

*Note: The beneficiary must provide two letters of acceptance: one for the Spanish course and one for a specialization, master’s, or doctorate program listed in the “ACADEMIC OFFER CATALOG 2024-2”. After successfully completing the Spanish course, the recipient must join the postgraduate program to which he or she was admitted in 2025-1.

ICETEX Colombia Foreign Scholarship Breakdowm

Application DeadlineJune 9, 2024
Funding TypePartially Funded
Country to studyColombia
SponsorInstituto Colombiano de Crédito Educativo y Estudios Técnicos en el Exterior (ICETEX)
GenderMen and Women

Benefits of ICETEX Colombia Foreign Scholarship

  1. The coverage of the entire tuition will be granted by the Colombian higher education institution (only for the academic programs that are within the catalog of academic offer, published in the 2024-2 call).
  2. Health Policy/Medical Insurance:
    Medical and hospital assistance in Colombia that includes repatriation in case of disability or death. This assistance is only covered during the study period in Colombia and only to the scholarship recipient, it is not extended to family members. Scholars must bear the cost of prescription drugs and a moderate fee for medical examinations.
  3. Courtesy visa: ICETEX will send each fellow a letter directing them to apply online for the courtesy visa type “V” visa, which the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue during their study period. This visa is just for the Fellow. If you need a visa for family members, you must apply for one on their behalf.
  4. Living Expenses/Monthly Support: ICETEX will provide each international scholarship recipient with monthly support (living expenses) equal to three current legal monthly minimum earnings. In 2025, the adjustment will be performed by the Colombian Ministry of Labor’s minimum wage rise decree. This item will only be granted to people who are conducting in-person studies on Colombian territory.
  5. Installation expenses: For the first time throughout the study period, ICETEX will provide each scholarship winner with funds to cover installation costs in Colombia. This item will only be granted to people who are conducting in-person studies on Colombian territory.
  6. Expenses for books and materials: For each year of study, ICETEX will provide each scholarship holder with a value for books and materials; specialization scholarship holders will receive a single support, master’s scholarship holders will receive up to two supports, and doctorate scholarship holders will receive three to four depending on the time of their study. doctorate.

Requirements for the ICETEX Colombia Foreign Scholarship 2024

  • Become a foreign citizen.
  • Don’t have a Colombian nationality.
  • Not be residing in Colombian territory or having resided there in the previous six months prior to applying for the scholarship, or have begun studies in Colombia at the time of applying to the related call.
  • If selected, scholars may be asked by ICETEX to produce a Certificate of Migratory Movements with a date of no more than 30 days at the time of entering Colombia.
  • There cannot be no marital or de facto relationships in Colombia.
  • Not having benefited from ICETEX under the Beca Colombia initiative. g) Be no older than 50 years.

The Selection Process

The scholarships for postgraduate study in Colombia will have a maximum term depending on the modality, as follows:

  • Given that the scholarships are provided annually, scholarship holders who attend academic programs for more than 12 months must request renewal from ICETEX each year to ensure the continuation of the appropriate study program.
  • Renewal depends on meeting ICETEX standards, such as submitting a renewal request letter.
  • b) A certificate of grades showing the program’s cumulative average. (At least 4.0/5.0).
  • c) An experience report signed by the tutor or head of the academic program.
  • d) A university certificate showing the current enrollment and duration of the present academic program.


  • Closing date for 2024-02: June 9th, 2024
  • Evaluation and Selection of Candidates: From June 10 to June 19th, 2024.
  • Email communication to candidates regarding selection or non-selection: June 20th, 2024
  • Scholarship acceptance process for those selected: From June 21 to the 23rd.
  • Beginning of studies in Colombia: According to the Academic Programa

Application Deadline

9 June, 2024

How To Apply

For more details,visit ICETEX website

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